Internat Energy Solutions Canada

Project name / Year: Verification of 2013 Pearl and Walton Steam Plant GHG Reports
Project location: Ontario
Project customer: Enwave Energy Corporation
Project overview:

Enwave Energy Corporation owns and operates the Pearl and Walton Steam plants situated in downtown Toronto and produce and sell more than 2.5 billion pounds of steam each year to over 140 buildings.


As a requirement of Ontario Regulation 452/09, Enwave Energy Corporation must report the GHG emissions generated by their steam plants and have that report verified. IESC carried out the verification for the two sites to a reasonable level of assurance in accordance with ISO 14064-3, IAF MD6:2014, ISO 14065, and Ontario Regulation 452/09, assessing whether the Emissions Report and the GHG Assertion were presented fairly in accordance with ISO 14064-1, Ontario Regulation 452/09, and the ‘Guideline for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting’ (February 2012).

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