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Greenhouse Gas Verification
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IESC is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited verifier (Accreditation Number 1001), for organizational GHG inventories for the following GHG Programs, Registries and sectors:

GHG Programs & Registries:

  • O.Reg. 452/09 (Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulation)
  • O.Reg.143/16: Quantification, Reporting and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Québec Regulation Q-2, R.15 Reporting Regulation
  • British Columbia Ministry of Environment Reporting Regulation

GHG Organizational Sectors:

  • General
  • Manufacturing
  • Power Generation
  • Mining and Mineral Production
  • Metals Production
  • Chemical Production
  • Oil and gas extraction, production and refining including petrochemicals
  • Waste

IESC Verification Services

IESC verification professionals combine project expertise with in-depth familiarity with all relevant guidelines, directives and standards to offer organizational or project level verification services that are accurate, complete and meet all protocol commitments.

Our multidisciplinary verification team composed of engineering, science, policy and planning specialists with backgrounds in the industrial, commercial, academic and NGO sectors strive to provide clients with an assurance of quality, while offering cost effective and customer focused solutions.

IESC has conducted reliable third party verifications for businesses, institutions, and NGOs for a variety of environmental and energy related projects ranging from energy efficiency retrofits to biomass fossil fuel displacement. We offer a personalized turnkey service which allows for timely, reliable and relevant verifications.

Whether conducted for the voluntary or regulatory markets, IESC can assist you with verification services.

Typical Verification Process Flow

  • IESC receives request for verification
  • IESC will reply with a proposal stating the verification team, expected timeline and costs of the verification
  • IESC reviews all project documentation and data for completeness, eligibility and conformance with the relevant protocols
  • A sample and verification plan is developed and reviewed with the client to ensure an efficient and secure method of information transfer
  • A site visit is planned to assess the project, speak with relevant personnel and gather any remaining data or information
  • Data is analyzed assessing methods and calculations used to establish baselines, conservatism, demonstrate equivalency and additionality (Criteria may vary depending on intended use of emission reductions)
  • A draft of the verification report is reviewed by IESC's internal auditor
  • The final verification statement is submitted with client consultation
  • Confidential and secure storage of project information for the required duration


Impartiality is an essential component of credible and effective greenhouse gas quantification and management. In order to remain impartial, IESC has implemented internal procedures for ensuring independence and impartiality.

All members of IESC are required to adhere to company policy relating to independence and conflicts of interest. It is each employee and contractor's responsibility to inform the leadership of any circumstances that may:

  • Cause an actual or perceived conflict of interest
  • Cause them to lack independence
  • Cause an impairment of impartiality

Where such potential exists, we are committed to taking the steps necessary to ensure that our independence and impartiality are maintained.

IESC follows the guidelines associated with ISO 14065—a standard that provides clear requirements for GHG verification bodies.  IESC will act impartially and will avoid unacceptable conflicts of interest for each verification activity it conducts.

Dispute Resolution Process

IESC has a process in place for handling complaints, appeals and disputes and it is readily available to clients and other interested parties regarding GHG verification decisions.

For further information please contact:
Livio Nichilo
(416) 628-4658 Ext.140

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