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How do I acquire the Encompass™ tool and become part of its network of users?

IESC offers a three day training course that is required before accessing the tool and become part of the network of trained Encompass™ professionals. This mandatory training ensures that the users are familiar with the various functions so that the tool is used in the optimal way. Revenues are used to sustain the website and tool updates, which allow for the continued improvement of the tool and for the further development of the Encompass™ emission factor database. Once you are a member you will have access to the latest files as they are made available at no extra cost.

Once trained, can I share the tool and methodology with others?

The Encompass™ tool and supporting documents are to be used exclusively by those that have received appropriate training. This is to ensure that Encompass™ is used correctly and that all project results feedback into the living project and tool database. This feature ensures continued tool improvement and fosters collaboration amongst network members through an interactive network website. Only those trained will receive access to the members area and to tool and methodology updates.

What emissions sources does Encompass™ cover?

Encompass covers both the direct and indirect emissions sources of your organization including:


  • Fossil fuel use
  • Electricity use



  • Purchased goods and services
  • Capital goods
  • Waste disposal
  • Business travel
  • Employee commuting
  • Use of sold products
  • Transportation and distribution of goods

Where do the emission factors for Encompas™ come from?

IESC has collected the most recent estimates of local emission factors and supporting data. All data sources can be traced in the Encompass™ Methodology Guide.

Can the tool be used across Canada?

Currently the tool has been calibrated for Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec. These provinces correspond to those leading the fight in Canada against climate change. Since emissions vary by province, and since the provinces have different regulations, the provincial specificity of the tool allows for accurate, context-specific reduction strategies and planning.

How will I receive tool and methodology updates?

All existing network members will be notified of tool updates through the Encompass network newsletter. Members of the Encompass™ network will also be able to log into the members-only portion of the network website for access to the tool, tool updates, and to relevant documentation.

Can I use Encompass™ to satisfy regulated reporting requirements?

Encompass allows your organization to follow the guidelines set in the GHG Protocol by initiating the processes required to have your emissions inventory reporting system created. In addition, Encompass helps with building a reduction strategy using analysis features that highlights cost-effective options and energy-saving opportunities.

The Encompass™ tool will be adapted for mandatory reporting requirements as they develop in North America. In this way, it will follow the progress of the Bilan Carbone® methodology used extensively in Europe.

I don't think the emission factor in the tool is correct, can I change it?

Yes, Encompass™ allows you to change any of the emission factors used by the software with a few simple clicks in its drop down menus.

How does Encompass™ relate to reporting standards that exist such as GHG Protocol, Carbon Disclosure Project, ISO 14064?

Encompass™ is consistent with the ISO 14064 standard on which other standards (like the GHG Protocol and CDP) are based. Encompass™ is flexible enough to allow your organization to follow the relevant guidelines for your organization and its emissions inventory.