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Encompass™ Features and Benefits
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While several other greenhouse gas accounting tools exist on the market, several unique, industry-leading features set Encompass™ apart.

One time membership fee. You aren't paying expensive annual service costs or fees. Once you become a member of the Encompass™ network, there are no additional or hidden costs.

Full training provided. As a member of the Encompass™ network, you will participate in our 3 day training course. Taught by experienced professionals, this training will ensure you get the most out of Encompass™

Lifelong Membership. With Encompass™, you automatically join a community of sustainability professionals that continues to grow and improve. The tool, support and updates are always available through our members section.

Tool Features

Encompass™ users enjoy the following benefits offered by the tool:

  • GHG calculation simplified. Encompass™ automatically calculates your greenhouse gas emissions following standardized equations that are verifiable and auditable
  • Accurate emissions calculation - Encompass™ ensures that all emissions are calculated accurately, following a consistent methodology. In addition, all tool functions are clear and easy to use even for those who do not fully understand GHG concepts.
  • Risk management – Understand your organizations carbon risk through modelling multiple scenarios of future policy, tax and energy prices changes, converted to expected organizational costs
  • Direct and indirect GHG - Understand the complete spectrum of your GHG impact associated with your organization's activities and operations
  • Lifecycle based emissions - Identify, assess and quantify the entire lifecycle emissions of your emissions sources (based on ISO 14064 Standards and the Bilan Carbone® Methodology for the development of Emission Factors)
  • Local emission factors - Encompass utilizes emission factors that have been developed specifically for Ontario, British Columbia, and Québec. These emission factors ensure that the results of the GHG emissions quantification are accurate and tailored to the relevant local context.
  • Complete audit trail – Encompass™ provides a complete list of references for each factor and explicitly documents all assumptions used, ensuring your assessments are 100% traceable and amenable to external auditing.
  • Carbon reduction strategy – Gauge the effectiveness of your carbon reduction strategy in meeting your reduction goals
  • Dashboards - Built in dashboards enable you to quickly see all the important emission sources and relevant data.

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