Internat Energy Solutions Canada

Project name / Year: Enbridge Savings By Design™ Program / 2012-2013
Project location: Throughout Ontario
Project customer: Sustainable Buildings Canada
Project overview:

The Savings By DesignTM program, created by Enbridge Gas Distribution, helps builders, developers and building owners to design more energy efficient buildings. The key to this is the Integrated Design Process, which brings together building owners, and their design teams to identify the optimal mix of design elements and technologies to maximize environmental performance. IESC has been providing energy modelling services for the program since 2012, the following outlines some key aspects of our work with the program.

  • Energy modelling services for Savings By DesignTM Integrated Design Process charrettes
  • Design optimization through real-time energy modelling using eQUEST and HOT2000
  • IESC has modelled 20+ low-rise residential, high-rise residential/condominium, and commercial developments
  • Recent participants have included Minto, Brookfield, Empire, Zancor, and Habitat for Humanity
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